Ing. Tomáš Blumenstein

Tomas Blumenstein has been involved with issues surrounding gifted children since 1995 as part of his volunteer work for Mensa Czech Republic where he worked as Chairman for eight years and now serves as the Deputy Chairman. He has organized a number of conferences and seminars on topics related to gifted children. Launched and coordinates the project Supporting Gifted Children for the Future. Designed a 10-part seminar for teachers for the National Institute for Further Education that operates under the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. In 2008, he founded the Logical Olympiad and also worked as the coordinator for several years. Organizes seminars and summer camps for gifted children, supports Clubs for Gifted Children. Founded the organization World of Education that aims to support schools with programs for gifted students. A member of Mensa International’s working group for gifted children.