Mgr. Irena Hošková

Irena Hošková has been working with people all her life and trying to develop their potential. Today in the role of edu-coach, lecturer and consultant. For twenty years, she worked as a teacher. With pupils, for example, created digital teaching aids. She worked for 15 years as a member of the management of national MEYS organizations. She co-created the FEP portal and managed the national system projects Keys for Life and K2 – Quality and Competitiveness in Non-formal Education. She participated in the creation and implementation of national systems of professional development of teachers, youth work and the preparation and implementation of a unique system of search, development and support of talent in the Czech Republic. In 2018, the Talent Support System was awarded the Special Innovation of 2018 Award and Honorable Mention Visionary of the Year 2018. She is a member of the Youth Chamber and the Interministerial Working Group for the Support of Talent of the Ministry of Education. She considers it important to cognize and create with passion, in accordance with the values ​​that make sense to the individual and the team.