PhDr. Eva Vondráková

Eva Vondrakova is a co-founder and chairwoman of the Association for Talent and Giftedness (STaN). A national correspondent for the European Council for High Ability (ECHA), a delegate for the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC) and a member of HELP. She has been working with international experts (SMND, ICIE, etc.) and organizes the Parents’ and Teachers’ Club, seminars and conferences at the STaN. In 2011, she chaired the organizing committee for the 19th WCGTC World Conference in Prague. Co-author of policy materials for the education of gifted students for the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports; White Paper 2001, and the Mensa High Schools project. Author of the 2001 gifted student policy. In 2012, led a working group of professionals set up by the Ministry of Education to tackle issues in the education of gifted children. Has worked as a counselor for children from preschool to high-school ages. Has taught at the Faculty of Education, Charles University, and for Lifelong Learning for Teachers (DVPP). Expert supervisor for school programs for talented children. Has published many papers on gifted children in the Czech Republic and abroad.