Mgr. et Mgr. Martin Konečný

Martin Konecny specializes in natural science education for (gifted) children, students and teachers. Teaches mathematics, physics and chemistry at the Gymnázium Duhovka and Gymnázium Evolution Sázavská in Prague. Martin is also a postgraduate student of physics and chemistry teaching, following his degree in chemical physics and biophysics, and chemistry and physics teaching. He started teaching in part because of a tandem teaching project funded by the Depositum Bonum Foundation of the Česká spořitelna. Currently he is an expert in science teaching with the Czech School Inspection, working to improve science teaching as part of the Elixir for Schools project, member of the Association for Talent and Giftedness (STaN). At the Gymnázium Evolution Sázavská, he has been testing a new concept for integrated science teaching. He makes his own teaching tools and enjoys classroom experiments at the crossroads of chemistry and physics. Recipient of the 2005 Czech Learned Society Prize for a successful, inspiring and tireless effort in sharing knowledge in mathematics, physics and chemistry among high-school students. Martin is an avid traveler and adventurer and enjoys books on technical and teaching subjects. He is a plane fanatic, foodie and a nature enthusiast.