prof. RNDr. Josef Molnár, CSc.

Josef Molnar received his teaching degree, mathematics-descriptive geometry, at the Palacky University Olomouc. His RNDr. dissertation focused on algebra and number theory. He received a teaching degree (CSc.) from the Charles University in Prague where he studied Mathematics Teaching Theory, and completed his habilitation at the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. In 2011 he was appointed professor at the Palacky University. Worked as a high-school teacher in Šternberk, Bílovec and Olomouc. Since 1980, he has taught at the Palacky University. In addition to research and teaching, he is interested in science popularization and intellectually gifted students. He founded the Czech branch of the Mathematical Kangaroo competition and helped establish the Austrian and Slovak branches. Inspired by the math competition, he founded the Czech Science Kangaroo. He has received a number of awards. Attends local and international conferences, Czech delegate to the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction. Main author of a comprehensive set of textbooks for mathematics, grade 1 to 9. Author of 250 published articles.